Committee Meeting date change

The date has changed of the committee meeting at Mick Rush’s house it is now on  Wednesday 14th March 2017 at 7pm .


This is to discuss Spring Nationals .

See you there

Committee Meeting 7th March 2017

There is a committee meeting at Mick Rush’s house at 7pm on Wednesday 7th March 2017.

This is to discuss Spring Nationals .

See you there

News for the upcoming year 2017

Hope you all had a good Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Our first shoot of 2017 will be at Pondock on Sunday 8th,This is a black powder shoot  starting at 10am. The next shoot will be the 29th January this is a Sporting gun shoot.

At the AGM before Christmas it was agreed that the membership fees would be increased for 2017. They are as follows:

Annual membership

65+: £10

Under 17’s free

Over 17’s to 64 £20

If you would like to make cheques payable to : Yorkshire Powder Burners , these can be sent to John Poole . If you require John’s address please email Mark and he will forward it to you .

If you want to pay cash you can bring it to the shoots, if possible could all memberships be paid by March 2017.

A list of shoots will be published in the next few weeks.

See you all soom



Pondock Shoot 13th November 2016

A good morning was had at Pondock .

Weather was great again!!!

Various bores were out today,small and big.

New excuses of the day ” to far to the left”, ” I was in front of that !

The guns went silent at 11 am as a mark of respect for remembrance day.

A welcome coffee and slab of cake at the end of the shoot.

The next shoot is 27th November 2016 this is an “Open Hammer Competition” for those with Hammer guns,for those without its a normal shoot.

See you soon

Please let me have a go!!!!

Please let me have a go!!!!

"Think you missed that"!!! Bit more to the left !!!

“Think you missed that”!!!
Bit more to the left !!!

Setting up ready

Setting up ready

Christmas Meal

We have booked a meal to celebrate Christmas , this is £12.50 each(£25 a couple) .Every 4 people receive a free bottle of wine.

This is on Sunday 27th November at Table 27 ,if you are interested in joining us , could you give Mick Rush a call to book your place/s by Tuesday 15th November 2016

Table 27 , Bruntcliffe Rd, Morley, Leeds LS27 0LQ.

Big Bore Competition Shoot Pondock 13th November 2016

We are holding a Big Bore Black Powder Competition on Sunday 13th November 2016 at Pondock.

Start time is 10am .

If you don’t want to enter the competition,your more than welcome to shoot.

Open Muzzle Loader Competition Pondock

A great turnout today for the Open competition.

It was decided the traps would not be made easy, we had heard a rumour the Bore shooters were good. So we set up some hard driven clays, initially it had the desired effect. But then the Bore started to pull some points back , then YPB did the same, then Bore ending in : 1st place went to Bryan from Bore, 2nd place YPB’s Ian and 3rd went to YPB’s Gordon . Well done gents.
Half ounce competition was won by YPB’s newest member Dave. Well done.
I heard a few new excuses today for missing the clay,” I shouldn’t have drank as much last night”, ” Didn’t see that one!!!”.
The most heard excuse of the day was by a guest shooter ” the suns out and  I can’t see the clays”!!.
To finish off the day a cold buffet was provided  , followed by  coffee and home made cake . Although when some of the gents were asked if they wanted sugar in their drink they replied they were sweet enough!!!!!!
Thank you to all YPB members who helped set up and clear away your help was appreciated. Special thanks to Sharon & Alice for keeping the gents fed and watered. See you in 2 weeks


Pondock 25/09/2016

The weather held out for the majority of today’s shoot. Although it did rain for about ten minutes,this is when their was a mass exodus into the container!!!!

Various types of guns were out to play today , Muzzle Loaders, Hammer Guns, loud bangs could be heard across the valley’s!!!!

The clubhouse is coming along nicely, we have had a microwave, wood burning stove donated to us.

At the end of the shoot we had a catch up in the clubhouse over cake and coffee .


Pondock, 11th September

Wow what a day at Pondock, sun was shining, a variety of guns were out. At one point it looked like fog was setting in…….no that was just the smoke from the big guns!!!!
We had some young shooters today, potential members!!! Although they did put the regulars to shame. Hitting the clay on their first shot!! The regulars still attempting to hit after 10 shots .Giving various reasons why they were missing ” The sun was in my eyes”, “Oh that clay was to fast”.
But all in all a brilliant day, to top it off home made cake and coffee at the end and a catch up to compare how everyone fared.


As a member of the YPB I decided to write down all the excuses for poor shooting that I have heard over the last few months, so here goes:

  • I forgot to put the shot in.
  • I’ve used the wrong shot.
  • The Sun was in my eyes.
  • The rain was in my face.
  • I forgot my glasses.
  • I don’t like shooting from this position.
  • I couldn’t see the clay.
  • The clays are the wrong colour.
  • I keep getting cramp in my hands.
  • I pulled the wrong trigger.
  • I forgot to cock the trigger.
  • I forgot my protective glasses.
  • The clay was too fast.
  • The clay was to slow.
  • I put the wrong socks on.
  • I was wondering where I had left the car keys.
  • I thought someone shouted me.
  • It was too smokey.
  • It’s Kranks coal dust.
  • The shot was damp.
  • Didn’t put enough shot in.
  • I shot to soon.
  • I left it to late.
  • I missed that.
  • I forgot to take the safety off.
  • It was to warm.
  • It was too cold.
  • My hands were cold.
  • It’s a left-handed gun.
  • The gun doesn’t like me.
  • I’m too tired.
  • I was hit on the head as a child.
  • My flint is not quite right it’s French not English.
  • Didn’t have my head on the stock.
  • I was to busy talking.
  • It was too windy.
  • I’m having a bad hair day.
  • I’m not bad, just consistent.
  • My socks were too tight.
  • I put the wrong shoes on.
  • I forgot to put my belt on.
  • My trousers were falling down.
  • I needed the toilet.
  • I don’t get enough practice.
  • I forgot how to shoot.
  • The clay was too far away.
  • The branch got in my line of fire.
  • My sight was off.
  • I’m using a different type of shot.
  • I didn’t get enough sleep.
  • I’ve got a headache.
  • This is how I learned to shoot.
  • I thought I would give the others a chance.
  • I left my gun by the fire and it warped the barrel.
  • My wellies hurt my feet.

Hope you enjoy reading these? If you have any you would like to add please let us know.