Monthly Archives: October 2016

Open Muzzle Loader Competition Pondock

A great turnout today for the Open competition.

It was decided the traps would not be made easy, we had heard a rumour the Bore shooters were good. So we set up some hard driven clays, initially it had the desired effect. But then the Bore started to pull some points back , then YPB did the same, then Bore ending in : 1st place went to Bryan from Bore, 2nd place YPB’s Ian and 3rd went to YPB’s Gordon . Well done gents.
Half ounce competition was won by YPB’s newest member Dave. Well done.
I heard a few new excuses today for missing the clay,” I shouldn’t have drank as much last night”, ” Didn’t see that one!!!”.
The most heard excuse of the day was by a guest shooter ” the suns out and  I can’t see the clays”!!.
To finish off the day a cold buffet was provided  , followed by  coffee and home made cake . Although when some of the gents were asked if they wanted sugar in their drink they replied they were sweet enough!!!!!!
Thank you to all YPB members who helped set up and clear away your help was appreciated. Special thanks to Sharon & Alice for keeping the gents fed and watered. See you in 2 weeks